Januar 2016

Work smart, work digital

2nd DigiZH event

A brand new year calls for new events! We are really glad to inform you all that on 3rd February our second event will take place, this time dedicated to a very interesting topic: digital working.



We will discuss about tools, places, people and key ingredients of a smart digital working environment.


Meet our 4 speakers, experts and representatives of digital businesses based in Zurich and surroundings: 

  • Markus Wagemann, Founder of Citrus AG, will talk about cloud services that help small businesses to be efficient and cost-effective at the same time;
  • Mike Schwede, Social Media Strategist, Serial Entrepreneur and Lecturer at Schwede+Schwede, will talk about how brands can stay relevant in the actual era of digitalization and disruption;
  • Reto Hafner, CEO at Offconsult AG will share with us thoughts and considerations about smart office spaces and the benefits they can have on the way employees and professionals work;
  • Thomas Kupferschmied, Brand Architect and Designer at Kupferschmied, will talk about how digitalization already affected our way to work and our working environments in a positive manner.